Real Nappies Explained

Real Nappies Explained

reusable nappiesThe world of cloth nappies has changed dramatically since the days of traditional terry squares fixed with pins. Although terries do remain a trusted oldie, the choice available to you is now simply fabulous, and as such terries only make up 10% of the current cloth nappy market.

So, when you make a decision to ‘go cloth’ you might need some help getting your head around all the new-fangled terms- but have no fear, we at Fill Your Pants are here to help!

When shopping you will often come across the following nappy categories: Flat Nappies, Fitted Nappies, Nappy Covers, AIO’s, Pocket Nappies, One-size nappies, Boosters, inserts, and liners

Here’s a breakdown of what these mean, but if you are still left in a state of perplexity, feel free to Contact Us for some one-to-one advice!

Flat Nappies:

This includes those traditional terry towelling squares we mentioned earlier, and also ‘pre-folds’- these are the same concept but are rectangular in shape and instead of towelling they are made of layered woven cotton or bamboo. Pre-folds are stitched with a thicker middle layer, with the thinner sides providing a slimmer it than square nappies. All flat nappies require simple folding and can be pinned with the traditional safety pin, or with the modern and funky Nappi Nippas . Flat nappies require a cover for waterproofing.
The flat nappy provides the most economical solution, and dries quickly.

Fitted Nappies:

Like a flat nappy, fitted nappies are usually made of super-absorba cloth nappiesnt cotton or bamboo. However, fitted nappies are as the name suggests- made to fit over a little  bottom with no degree in origami required! Some have a Velcro fastening, some have poppers, and some can be fixed with a Nappi Nippa. Fitted nappies provide excellent containment and a neat fit. Fitted nappies require a waterproof cover. Many people use Fitted Nappies for night time use, the bamboo varieties work especially wellextra booster for night time may be a good idea, as would a fleece liner to keep the bottom nice and dry. because they are so absorbant. An

Nappy Covers:

These are the covers or wraps that go over the top of flat or fitted cloth nappies to provide nappy coverwaterproofing. Similarly, these can have Velcro, poppers, or even tie fastenings. They can be made of PUL (polyurethane laminate), polyester, fleece or wool (it may sound crazy, but wool makes excellent nappy covers- breathable, will absorb 30% of its own weight, and naturally anti-bacterial). Getting a good cover is crucial to ‘cloth-nappying’ success, and you may find that certain brands fit your child better than others. Contact Us  for fitting advice. As your child grows, larger sizes will need to purchased- but remember, your cloth-nappies can be re-used for baby number 2, 3, 4, 5……. We are talking big £££ savings now!

Pocket or Stuffable Nappies:

These are the latest evolution in the world of cloth nappies! It all began with the renowned ‘Fuzzi Bunz’ with its revolutionary original pocket design that allows you to bumgeniusadjust the absorbency of the nappy to fit your needs. The nappy is stuffed with super absorbent inserts (these can be bamboo, micro-fibre or hemp) and you can use as many as you need (within reason!) depending on how long your child will wear it. Some people find the pocket nappy is well suited for night-time use as you can figure out exactly what absorbency you require to keep baby dry till morning. Pocket nappies are excellent for keeping little bottoms super dry as all the moisture is wicked away from the skin and into the inserts. (for cleaning advice see Nappy Care Advice) Of course, Fuzzi Bunz are not the only brand of pocket nappies available on the market anymore, and they can be found with a range of wonderful fastenings, fits, colours and materials


all in one nappiesAll-In-One nappies are as the name suggests. These Cloth Nappies require no folding, stuffing, covers- nil, nada, zip. Being super easy to use, think of them as a disposable nappy- but of course without the nasty chemicals, available in a range of fabulously funky designs and materials and without being added to the ever-increasing landfills when you’re done with it! Bear in mind though, that AIO nappies tend not to be as super absorbent as other types of cloth-nappies, but they do provide the perfect solution for out-of-the-house use, nurseries and for lazy daddies!

One-size Nappies:

As opposed to multi-sized nappies, one-size nappies have highly adjustable fastenings and are made to fit from birth-to-potty. Fitted nappies, All in Ones, and Pocket Nappies can all be found in the One-size variety. One-size nappies can save you even more money, because a set will last your babe right through the nappy years. They can tend to be rather bulky for small newborns though, and may need some extra boosting for toddlers.

Blueberry One Size Nappy

Inserts and Boosters:

These are the cloth nappy accessories that are used inside pocket nappies, or as an extra liner to ‘boost’ the bottom! Boosters are especially useful for night-time nappying and for toddlers.

Nappy Liners:

Cloth Nappy liners usually come in fleece and flushable paper varieties. Fleece liners are excellent as moisture is wicked away through them into the nappy keeping the bottom nice and dry- these would then be washed with the rest of the nappy. Flushable Liners are convenient for disposing of any poopage, and are handy when out and about.


For a comparison chart of the different types of cloth nappy, go here.

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